Fenix AL MAT heating mats

AL MAT heating mats are intended for use under laminate and wooden floating floors installed in so- called moist areas – in bathrooms, for example. They are a variant of ECOFILM heating foils designed for applications where ECOFILM cannot be used. The heating element is composed of special conductors with double fluoropolymer insulation and high temperature resistance (permanent load up to 70°C). This guarantees an above-standard lifespan for the heating element while maintaining maximum safety – the materials used are self-extinguishing. The mat is of the two-core type, with one 3m long connecting cable (so-called cold lead). The conductors are placed between two self-adhesive aluminium foils – the top layer, which is in contact with the covering, is reinforced with PE fabric for high mechanical resistance. The thickness of the mat is only 1.7 mm (!). Installation takes place in the same way as in the case of normal heating mats (by cutting the fabric), except that it is necessary to connect the individual strips conductively – the aluminium foil is connected to a protective conductor and functions as a protective grid. For this purpose, conductive self-adhesive strips produced by 3M are included with the product.