Berker new Switch App

Berker presents new Switch App in english.


The most important features at a glance:


1)     Discover Design lines

The Berker switch App presents the unique design variety of Berker wiring accessories anytime and anywhere: You can combine all design variants arbitrarily, choose different backgrounds and save your favorites – faster, easier and more comprehensive than ever before.



2)     Compare Designs

After configuring, you can immediately have a look at the 3D view of the model and compare it with other switches.
Such a realistic comparison option is currently unique on the markets.



3) Choose background

How does my individually created switch look on my wall? With this function, you can choose different wall colors and structures or simply photograph your wall at home and use it as background.



4)     Save favorites

All favorites can be saved with one click and you can retrieve it later.
Together with the product information you can export your data as PDF and save it.




5)     Configure Switches

This allows choosing the designs separately and combining colors, materials and functions.
All conceivable types of single, double, vertical or horizontal frames, materials, colors and functions can be combined, represent and compare.